Adding a base

① Navigate to your Airtable base and click the Share button in the top right.

② In the share modal, click the Share publicly tab, Enable shared base link, and choose the other options as appropriate.

It is strongly encouraged to password protect your shared base.

This prevents unintended access from those who might gain access to the bare url for your base.

③ Visit your Account settings from the Airtable avatar menu in the top right.

④ Copy your API key from Account page.

Now you're ready to add a base to AirQL.

⑤ Go to and sign in with a Google account. Once signed in, you'll be taken to the Bases list. If this is your first time using AirQL, the list will be empty.

⑥ To add your new base click Add Base. This will bring up the creation form:

⑦ Fill out the form as follows:

  • Share URL: Airtable share URL for your base from Step (2).

  • Share password: Optional (but recommended) setting to access your base.

  • Admin role: A named role for the most privileged user type. The "admin" role will access to all of the given base's data.

  • App domain: The domain for the app that will consume your API/data.

⑧ Click Create base. You will be taken to the base page where you can explore and configure your AirQL base:

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