Configuring access

Creating a role

When a base is added to AirQL, a single admin role is configured and the user who added the base is granted that role. Other roles can be created in the AirQL UI.

① From the Tables tab of the base details page, click a table that the new role will have access to.

② Enter a name for the new role in the role name input and click Add Role:

③ You will be presented with the role permissions form. Check the Grant box for those fields that will be accessible to the new role:

Filter formulas

Filter formulas are powerful ways to add access row-level access control. See the user guide's section on this topic for details on how to configure this feature.

④ Click Save. You will be taken back to the table details page and the new role will be listed beside the fields you granted:

To update role permissions, click the role name on the table details page.

Adding a user

When a base is first added to AirQL, the user that added it will be the only user with access. You can manage access for other users in Users tab in the AirQL UI.

① From the Users tab, click Add User:

② From the add user form, enter the new users' email address and grant the appropriate roles:

③ Click Add user. You'll be returned to the Users tab and the new user will be present in the list.

To update an existing users' roles, click on their email address from the Users tab to navigate to the edit user page.

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