๐Ÿ’…Web UI Basics

Working with reviews

View revision diffs

Add or remove reviewers

Merge a review

Once a PR is able to merge, the merge button will be enabled. Clicking it will perform a squash and merge into the target branch.

Giving feedback

Add a comment

Leave a comment on a line of code by clicking the + button in the diff gutter.

Publish feedback

Approve a review

As part of leaving feedback, you can optionally approve the PR using the Approve? checkbox in the feedback drawer.

Responding to feedback

Reply to a comment

Resolve a comment

Resolving a comment signals that youโ€™ve addressed the comment. You can optionally include a reply when resolving a comment.

Publish your replies

Once youโ€™ve created all your draft replies, publish them as feedback.

List reviews youโ€™ve created

List reviews on which youโ€™re a reviewer

Filter reviews in a list

Use the filter drop-downs on any review list page to drill down to a specific set of reviews.

Working with stacks

Use the review picker drop-down at the bottom of any review page to navigate to different reviews within the same stack.


Enable Slack notifications

Navigate to Settings from the avatar dropdown in the top right and click the Configure button.

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