Quick Start

Signing in

Navigate to plz.review and use the Sign in button. You’ll be taken to GitHub to complete the OAuth process.

Installing the plz.review GitHub application

In order to use plz for PRs in your organization’s repos, you’ll need to install our app on GitHub.

Click your username or the org having the repo(s) where you want to use plz. You can then choose to install on all the repos, or select them individually. If you have sufficient permissions you can click the Install button to complete the process. Otherwise you will need ask an administrator for the repo(s) by clicking Request.

For details on the permissions plz requires, please check out our Security & Compliance document.

Once you’ve auth’d your GitHub account and installed the GitHub app, you’re ready to roll. The app will append a message to any new PRs opened in your repos with a link to our app for reviewing those PRs. See more about "Using Plz Review for reviewing code only."

If you are using plz for stacked reviews, we recommend updating your repository settings to enable "Automatically delete head branches" in the Pull Requests section of your repo's General settings.

Installing the plz CLI

There’s more to plz than a web interface. It can also help you manage a workflow that encourages incremental, or “stacked,” PRs. This concept is familiar from tools like Phabricator and Gerrit. To use plz as a way to create reviews / PRs, you’ll need to install the CLI.


If you use Homebrew, you can add the Bit Complete tap and install plz:

brew tap bitcomplete/tap
brew install plz

Alternatively you can download an archive containing a binary for your architecture on the plz CLI releases page.


Download an archive containing a binary for your architecture on the plz CLI releases page.

Auth your GitHub account

Once installed, you'll need to run plz auth so that the CLI has permission to talk to GitHub on your behalf. Follow the instructions to enter the provided OTP code in a browser for GitHub.

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